Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing#23 Reflections of 23 Library Things

I loved the ease with which one could set up RSS and Cool Google Tools in such a non-threatening way for one so "computer challenged". Setting up Google Alert has brought to my attention many fascinating articles and ideas to be used with the Gifted/Talented students throughout the school year. Reading iGoogle has become an early morning ritual with a fresh brew of Starbuck's, keeping me up to the minute with happenings around the world, as well as local. I must say, I'm not missing the "silly segment" news reports from our local networks.On the more creative side, I enjoyed creating Online Image Generator and know the students will have fun being creative as well. This generated a lot of ideas for projects and for my own presentations.Another favorite was learning about Wiki and pbWiki. As previously mentioned, it will really improve collaboration among colleagues for team planning. Learning about Rollyo will greatly improve my teaching approach to research without the headache of worrying about a student journeying off to the far depths of undesirables by having the luxury of self selecting and guidance into areas known to be filtered.
Affects-Lifelong Learning Goals:
Without sounding like a testimonial for NutriSystem, I never knew I could learn all 23 Library Things is only nine weeks, and look at me (Oops, that really is from NutriSystem!) This feeling of doubt weighed heavily upon my shoulders when I first started the program, but was quickly lifted with the creation of my Avatar. With each new assignment, I continued to gain strength, holding my breath throughout all the twists and turns. Now with eyes wide open, all I can say is,"What a ride. Can I do it again?"
Some of the assignments seemed redundant to me. I also think explanations for some of the assignments could be more informative, appearing quite vague at times. Although I found CommonCraft shows to be helpful with the 'what" aspect of a given tool. I would have liked a little more 'how'.(Podcast - Rollyo) After viewing Rollyo, I was still not sure how to implement this tool, until Bruce Goodner presented his Podcast, bringing about all sorts of possibilities I want to try.
One Word: Epiphany

Summer's End

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Reader's Dream

Things#22 Nings and Things

Nings will be another way for students to collaborate with others interested in the same book series. While reading about Nings, I think is would be fun to set up Book Club accounts for those interested in Stephenie Myer'sTwilight series, Scott Westerfeld's Uglies, Christopher Paolini's Eragon, and Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series (Like the Trekkie, Harry Potter fans of old) I think the students would find it interesting to hear the views of others who share similar interests from different parts of the world. I know many of the students that have X-Box Live, excitingly talk about challenging others from Great Britain, France, Canada and Germany,to name a few. Nings could also be set up to collaborate on project or hobby interests. Although i am not a Librarian, I joined the YA in School Libraries site to "lurk" at shared ways some librarians motivate students with YA novels. I did set up a Ning account for sailors who own the same type of sailboat to collaborate sailing experiences, boat repairs, and equipment used. (mainly for my husband) Out of curiosity, I checked to see if there were any NIngs accounts from my Alma mater, and was amazed at how many results came up. This will be a great way to renew old friendships.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thing #20 You Tube TeacherTube

Reader's Theatre enables students to bring a favorite story to life, creating a powerful interpretation because the emphasis is on oral expression of the part, unlike the more traditional theatre with emphasis on acting and costumes. The less confident readers are encouraged freely by the group and feel less threatened because there is no memorization, very little movement, and a minimum of props.
The chosen videos will provide the students with models for creating 'the voice behind the page' in their own silent reading. Students are also provided a model of a live performance video of their favorite authors Avi, Sharon Creech,Walter Dean Myers and Sarah Weeks enjoying Reader's Theatre. (www.teaching I selected variations of an elementary favorite,The Stinky Cheese Man by Jon Scieszka to model extensions one could make of Reader's Theatre projects.
Since it is rather difficult to find, or develop a part for every student, I have cooperative groups select their own texts to present from a collection of picture books or short stories.
Some groups get very involved and include costume, music and other props.
Another fun activity is to adapt the same story from various cultures. Cinderella is an excellent place to start. As the students become more familiar with Reader's Theatre, a gripping segment from any part of the book could be created into a Reader's Theatre with a brief introduction to set the scene.The benefits are rewarding as you begin to see an increase in their skills as readers, writers, listeners, and speakers.